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The Jord Conway Series Walnut and Jet Black isn’t my first Jord watch. I got one over two years ago from my wife – a sleeker Fieldcrest that I babied at first. I thought a wood watch couldn’t hold up to work. So, I’d wear it to special occasions, but wear my old Casio for work. I’d catch it on a door or have one of the kids pull at it. Each time, I looked down expecting to find the wooden links broken, or at least cracked. But I eventually started wearing it daily. The links don’t seem to pinch arm hair quite as badly as a metal band, and I don’t have a single scrape on it. It’s noticed far more often than other, more expensive watches and is far lighter. There’s a side benefit that makes it a great option for travelers, attorneys, or anyone who spends their days in high-security areas – it’s wood. It must have more than a couple grams of ferrous metal in the latch, the mechanism, buttons and the rods that hold the band together. But standard metal detectors don’t even seem to register it. I’ve had a couple people ask about getting them wet and if they float. According to Jord, they are considered “splash proof” which seems to mean you can wash your hands, wear them in the rain, or work out while wearing them – all things I’ve done while wearing mine. The Conway Series along with several other models, have chronographs.

Wooden Watches by Jord #ad

You can see how awesome this watch is.  Another big improvement over my last Jord watch, was the packaging.  Normally, I am typical guy and could care less what my item comes in as long as it is safe.  But opening this box was an experience and made me feel as if a lot of care went into each watch and specifically MY watch.

Wooden Watches by Jord #ad
Ladies Wood Watch


Wood Watches by JORD

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