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Our kids love listening to music, audio books and radio broadcasts.  The issue has been streaming them into their rooms.  Typically we have had to take in a computer.  No biggie for the girls, but we don’t trust the boys not to use a computer to perfect their ninja moves. LOL! Thankfully, Best Buy just sent us Google Chromecast Audio!

Google Chromecast Audion #ad

The Chromecast Audio, is an easy-to-set up and easy-to-use Google device. It’s drawback is the same since the stone age of computers, 1995 — compatibility.
It took less than five minutes to plug the votive-sized puck into a computer speaker in our boy’s room. Our intent, was to be able to stream music and stories into their room at night for them to listen to as they go to sleep.
This is our second Chrome device — fourth if you count Chromebooks. We’ve had an HP Chromebook since 2014 that works as well now as the day we bought it. It took some time getting used to it’s complete dependence on wifi, but it’s got an enviable battery life and it stands up to kid use. We got a ChromeCast for a second tv. I bought it the day after Christmas after the grandparents bought a flatscreen tv for our kids. We’re pretty much an Apple family but we have been bothered that we can’t get Amazon Prime shows on our Apple TV, so Chromecast seemed like an excellent option. No podcasts on it. There’s other apps that have some stories, but you need to buy the premium app to cast it. Overdrive — the app used by our library system for audio books, doesn’t cast from iPhones without some workarounds listed on several sites that come up under a perfunctory Google search. Tunein Radio, a free app with a premium option, seems to be a great source. We were able to stream Adventures in Odyssey — one of the boys’ favorites, from the radio station here.

Google Chromecast Audion #ad

Now that we have some compatible apps, we are loving this!

Google Chromecast Audion #ad

It sits nicely on the boys little bookshelf in their room and it’s so sweet to see them sitting there and listening to stories with their Chromecast Audio.  Another bonus to this system is that you can stream to multiple rooms!

Google Chromecast Audion #ad

It uses wi-fi and has a crystal clear sound with no delays and skips.  There are hundreds of compatible apps available, so take your time and find out which work best for you and your family!  You can learn more about this over at Best Buy.

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  1. shelly peterson
    Posted March 11, 2017 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

    This sounds like it works pretty great. I might have to check into getting one.

  2. Elena
    Posted March 22, 2017 at 12:44 pm | Permalink

    I would like to get Google Chromecast. Looks cool

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