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When our girls were born (they are now 13 and 14) the must have book for parents was the What to Expect series.  Much has changed since our girls were born and I was curious what is new and especially what is the new must have book for parents of toddlers and babies.  I knew there had to be something!

Then I was sent this book and knew it must be it! Baby and Toddler Basics: Expert Answers to Parents’ Top 150 Questions.

must have book for parents @ad

It is written by Tanya Altmann who is both the author and a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The book is laid out in chapters with questions, advice and bonus tips from Tanya throughout.  It has the most recent information on topics like “Do I really need to give medicine for a fever?” Or “What is the appropriate amount of Acetaminophen to give?”.

I put the book to the test by looking up a few of the questions we’d had over the course of raising our 4 kids.

Like the ever allusive tummy ache.  How many times kids have complained that their tummy hurts.  They are young enough you know it hurts, and maybe sometimes there are tears.  But is it something more?  Do we need to call the doctor?  The book gives great advice on this topic, like keeping a food diary to see if perhaps there is a certain food, or food group, triggering these tummy aches.  It goes through a list of questions to ask yourselves (or the doctor).

I was pleased with the content of every question I looked up.  It was informative, without being overly basic.  It felt valuable to me, even as a quite seasoned parent and I KNOW would be invaluable to new/expectant parents as well.


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