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We have three cats.  Daisy is 13 and prefers to spend her days laying in the sun.  Polly (2) and Maxin (8 months), on the other hand, love to play!  They chase each other around the house and have woken us up more than once wrestling around.  The kids love to bring out a laser pointer and let the cats chase it around the floor.  The cats also enjoy chasing socks and other items that the kids drag across the floor.  Frolicat has taken these fun activities to the next level with their Multi Laser Toy and Fox Den.

frolicat cat toy

The Multi Laser Toy has two lasers that spin around the room in fun patterns.  Maxin was immediately interested.  He chased the lasers all over!



It took Polly a few minutes to warm up to it but once she did, she was running in circles trying to catch that red light!


img_20170306_181458 img_20170306_181548

The Fox Den was a hit as well.  It has a fuzzy fox tail that pops out, shakes and then hides again.

img_20170306_180507 img_20170306_182055 img_20170306_182046 img_20170306_180550



It has two different modes.  The first is one time play.  With that, the toy will come on for 10 minutes and then automatically shut off.  The second is All Day Play.  When in this mode, the toy will come on for 10 minutes and then rest for 2 hours. It will repeat this action three times for a total of 6 1/2 hours. But what I really like is that during the rest sessions, the motion sensor stays on.  So when the cat comes within 3-4 feet in front of the toy,  it will come on for two minutes. Once the cat walks away, the toy will rest again within 2 minutes.  This feature is great for keeping cats occupied while you’re away.

Polly and Maxin had a lot of fun with these toys and the kids got a kick out of watching them play!  Both of them are great for keeping your cat/s busy and engaged both with you there and when you’re away. The Fox Den and Multi Laser Toy retail for $19.99 a piece and can be found in many retail stores, like Bed Bath and Beyond.




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