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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

This time of year can be really hectic and busy.  Sometimes you just need to slow down and have a good laugh.  Schmovie Family Edition is a fun game where players compete to come up with the funniest movie titles.


We had heard great things about the original Schmovie so we were excited to try out the new family edition.  The game is all about creativity and imagination and provides lots of laughs.  It can be played with up to 6 players but if you have more than that, you have the option of playing in teams.

Included in the box are:

85 What cards

85 Who cards

19 Schquid trophies

1 genre die

5 erasable title boards

1 rule sheet

5 erasable markers

19 trophy bases

Set up is quick and easy.  Each player gets a title board and a marker.  You place the What and Who cards in the middle of the table and you’re ready to go.  Players take turns being the Producer.  The Producers job is to roll the Genre die to determine the type of film for that round and to pick the winner from the title submissions.


After rolling the die, one card from each stack is turned over from each stack.  This sets the premise for the film.


In this case, we got undercover zombie.  It was time to get creative!


Once all players had finished their titles, they were read by the Producer who picked a winner.  The winner receives a Schquid Trophy.  In this round, my husband won with “Mission Impossible: Where’s My Brain?”


In case you get stuck, each movie title board has “schtarters” on the back.


I appreciated the help since I got stuck on a couple of the rounds!

We had a lot of fun playing Schmovie together.  It’s rated for ages 8 and up although my 8 and 10 year olds needed a little help at times.  I think next time, we’ll play in teams so the older boys can help the younger ones.  I love that this game requires using your imagination and creativity.  And best of all, we all got some much needed laughs!

This would make a great game for all the upcoming family get togethers and holiday parties.  It would also make a fun gift for the board game lover on your list! Schmovie Family Edition, rated ages 8+, is available at independent retailers nationwide, select Barnes & Noble stores, and on Amazon. It retails for $19.95

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