This is a sponsored post written by me through Sverve.  All opinions are my own.
If someone asks you about the worst gift you were ever given…immediately you recall THAT GIFT.  The one that made you cringe.  The one that just did not fit your lifestyle.  The gift that had someone else’s wedding card attached (this happened to me).  Or the gift that that involved rainbow barrettes with smurfs and balloons…on your 16th birthday (yep. me again.). LOL! We all have a gift like this in our past.  Often they were given with good intentions.  Well, here is one foolproof way to give a gift they are guaranteed to love, use and keep!
This year check out  Everyone loves a gift card!  At you can search by brand, by occasion or category.  With companies ranging from Chili’s to Kohl’s to and even Starbucks, you WILL find the right gift card for anyone on your list.
I know our kids love gift cards because they can go shopping on their own and pick out what they want. My husband loves them because he can get tools and other things for home improvement.  As a mom, I love gift cards because I don’t feel any guilt spending them on myself!
Who would you love to give a gift card to?
This is a sponsored post written by me through Sverve.  All opinions are my own.

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