Seriously.  This is easy.  I don’t do complicated.  I also don’t do store bought cakes.  I am completely untalented at cake making but I would rather make lopsided cakes that were baked with love than spend cash on a store bought cake.  Our 3 year old son is obsessed with cars.  And trucks.  And tractors.  The kid sleeps with a combine harvester.  Deciding on his birthday theme was a cinch! Of course it was going to a car or truck theme.  Then I remembered his big Tonka truck and thought it would make a great theme.  So I set out to make an easy Dump Truck Cake.

Gather your supplies first!  We used 2 cake mixes, a new plastic shovel, gummy worms, icing and Nestle Girl Scout Crunch Bars.

Dump Truck Cake

Then, choose two cake mixes of your choice.  You can get any flavor but you want it to be brown so I suggest any chocolate flavor.  Bake them according to directions.  The size of pans do not matter in the least!


While the cakes are cooling, have your kids make a road for the table.  Or make your own road.  I gave the girls a piece of butcher paper and taped it where I wanted it.  I then gave them instructions on how to make a road.  I intentionally told them that we were not going for perfection.  Let’s keep it easy all the way!

While the girls were occupied I cleaned the truck and lined it with foil.  Another optional step I did was to fashion a rubber band tie to keep the truck from accidentally dumping.

Dump Truck Cake Dump Truck Cake


I positioned the truck on the road and began cutting the cake.  There is no rhyme or reason, just cut the cake up and dump it into the dump truck.

Dump Truck Cake

I then took a package of Nestle Girl Scout Crunch Thin Mint Bars and crushed them all up.  I took them and sprinkled them over the top of the cake.  It gives it a fairly realistic dirt look and texture.

Afterwards I made a small pile of the Nestle crumbs at the base of the truck which makes it look like some dirt spilled onto the road.

Dump Truck Cake

I let the girls add a few worms.  All good, quality dirt has worms!

The next step is optional.  I took my 1 can of icing and nooked it for 30 seconds.  Then I poured it into a baggie and piped it over the cake, I mean, dirt.  If you want to keep it dry you absolutely can but our son LOVES icing!

The last step was placing a  (NEW) plastic shovel in and that is what we used to scoop the cake out.

And there you have an easy Dump Truck cake that is sure to thrill any kid!

Dump Truck Cake


Kristen: Kristen is a wife, mom, blogger and Brand Ambassador. She has four children; 2 boys and 2 girls. Kristen enjoys her role as a stay-at-home mother. Her oldest children are home-schooled. Her interests include gardening, coffee, reading, cooking and finding new ways to be eco-friendly. You may contact Kristen at mudpiesandtiaras at gmail dot com. Click here to meet Kristen

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  1. anne perry
    Posted July 7, 2013 at 12:27 am | Permalink

    I love this!! My son is coming up on his 3rd birthday… if it is a construction theme…I will use this. Thanks!!

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